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Art Is the Life.


I love to draw.  Ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand as a kid I would draw constantly.

It was a way for me to escape the doldrum that is reality, and continues to this very day.  It is only natural that I exercise my innate human need to create and express, as all humans must.  


​We have come a long way in terms of technological innovations and advancements, to the point that technology can almost perfectly mimick the human actions.  But no matter how close it is to absolute perfection, nothing can ever take the place of the human mind and spirit.  That remains and will alway stay true with art.


​With every pencil mark and every brush stroke I make in my creation I put a piece of my heart and soul, so as to preserve the timeless belief that art is part human nature, and everyone deserves art that keeps them in touch

with that core of living.

Some time ago I have begun creating a world of cute and cuddly characters, many of them bearing a piece of myself, that coexist in relative harmony with some occasional chaos that which I find necessary.  There are even characters from "real world" that I adore that I have reshaped into my own image and they live rent-free in my "world." 

Now watch as my world and your world collide when I unleash these creations into the open.  Not to worry, they are harmless.  They want to be your friend so don't be afraid to welcome them with open loving arms

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