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So cute you wanna eat'em
like Marshmallows!

PUFFS is my own iteration of the chibi art,  a popular style of drawing that depicts characters as short and cute, originating from Japan.  It was first inspired by a set

of miniature toys created by Kidrobot which specializes in pop culture art, design, and collectibles.  Unable to find a particular item in the market I resorted to making my own toy figures, which led to the birth of PUFFS, because the figures reminded me of

soft puffy marshmallows.  


My PUFFS journey began with the one that shook the entire landscape of the fighting game genre- Mortal Kombat.  Known for its graphic violence that led to the establishment of ratings system for video games, it has remained a global phenomenon beyond its original medium and a staple of pop culture.  Instead of replicating the ferocity of the game I decided to "tone it down" making these characters as cute and cuddly as possible the only way I know how.

(Click on an image to view the full size in a new window.)


In time I have branched out beyond the world of Mortal Kombat and into different game titles as well as other media including movies, TV shows, and comics.  In addition I have begun dabbling in portraying real life personalities as cute PUFFS


To see new PUFFS follow my Instagram.

(Click on an image to view the full size in a new window.)

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